2.16 The Chamber of Secrets

The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) recap chapter sixteen of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Be aware that the show may contain spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

1- I too HATE it when characters rip out pages from a book. What if I needed that page later!!

2- I am a bit of a Percy apologist, at least in the first few books. He had older brothers that CONSTANTLY ripped on and ridiculed him. I would want to get away as fast as I could. His later behavior is not good, but in the end he returned and stood with his family and the right.

3- I love the way Snape “traps” Lockheart into going after the Basilisk. But ya, if they really were worried about Ginny, they would send a squad of teachers.


I really liked Harry’s realization of Ginny acting like Dobby. That was a really important piece of the puzzle. I thought that was a good Chosen Moment candidate even before it was brought up.

I love that observation of Harry and Ron having a rare glimps of the teachers when they’re not in front of students.


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