3.10 The Marauder’s Map

​No underage wizards allowed in today! (Just kidding.) Alice and Martha analyze the magic of the Marauder’s Map and question the implications of the apostrophe placement on the map’s name, wonder exactly how hot Madam Rosmerta can really be, and dissect the adults’ drink orders in the Three Broomsticks. Harry also learns the “truth” about Sirius… spoiler; he was their FRIEND!

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Another packed chapter.

1- The Hinky Punks sound related to the Will-o’-the-wisp phenomenon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will-o%27-the-wisp

2- Ron and Hermione staying at Hogwarts for Christmas. Did they just decide this without discussing it with their parents? They don’t get to see their kids every day as they are off at a boarding school. I would not want them to not come home for Holidays.

3- I think you ladies hit on the majority of the Mauraders Map. It is extremely detailed work for a bunch of mid-level school kids. I too have wondered how dynamic the map is. It clearly updates with new kids and random visitors. And if there were to be renovations, would the map update? I am thinking of when Firenze took over as Divination teacher, did the map update the classroom he used? And yes, Fred and George were extremely lucky to figure it out and it was a great gift to give.

4- Having harry use the cloak on his visit to Hogwarts is one of those movie adaptations that makes sense. The teachers and Fudge getting togeather for a gossip season in full earshot of students is just crazy. Again, the movie adaptation handles this in a much more logical way.


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