3.11 The Firebolt

It’s Christmastime at Hogwarts, and you know what that means – Harry, Ron, and Hermione get the castle to themselves and all the free time they could possibly need to conduct a bizarre research project in a poorly organized library. In this episode, Alice and Martha mourn the loss of the flobberworms, analyze Trelawney’s yuletide warning, and somehow connect it all back to Ratatouille. Plus, we get a broomstick servicing kit sighting!

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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So I really liked this chapter but it’s come up a few times, Sirius Black’s trial, and I just wanted to say that Sirius didn’t actually have a trial. If he had, his being innocent would hopefully have come out at some point but who knows. I don’t know WHY Sirius seems to be the only one who didn’t get one. Bellatrix got one. There are some conspiracy theories about why Dumbledore let this happen and guardianship of Harry and I don’t know about that but it’s definitely an example of terrible justice in the wizarding world.


Though I don’t suppose Hagrid got a trial, either, when he was sent to Azkaban in book two so it’s kind of a thing. And I’m pretty sure they go there in book six with a bunch of people they suspect of being Death Eaters, too.

Dave Taylor

As the ladies say, kind of an in between chapter, but lots of info.

1- I want to know, how did Peter become friends with the rest of the Mauraders.

2- There are some fascinating documentaries about family members of horrific people. There is one called Sins of the Father about a son of Pablo Escabar. Tough to watch.

3- The news Harry learned about Sirius could really mess up a kid. It is testament to Harry that he he is still able to maintain the friendships after learning what it is assumed happened with Sirius.

4- You are very right that Hagrid had a tough life. If it had not been for Dumbeldore taking care of Hagrid and giving him a place to stay and a job, Hagrid’s life would have been so much more depressing.

5- I had never heard the theory of the Christmas dinner. Fascinating.

6- It makes sense that Herminone would be suspicious of the Firebolt (she was actually right) but I know if one of my friends at that age had reported my new gift and it got taken away, I would be upset. And yes, the broom servicing kit still was a great gift.


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