3.2 Aunt Marge’s Big Mistake

Listen to Alice and Martha crack up about the hilarity of Ripper, do a psychological analysis of the relationship between Petunia and Marge, and commiserate over the lack of welcome-home-for-the-summer gifts they’ve received in their lives. Plus, find out what strange item Martha has eaten and hear Alice’s recommendation for a New Year’s diet!

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Love this one in the book and the movie. Watching Marge insult harry and then get blown up was a great way to start a rather heavy book.

Marge herself seems to be the kind of person that loves to insult people behind their backs, or people she knows can not fight back. She would love the internet.

I find it quite interesting that hunting down Sirius is one of the few times that the Wizards decide it important enough to involve Muggles. I’ve heard it often theorized, why did not the Ministry just sent Sirius an Owl and follow it?


I’m very happy to say goodbye to CoS as well! I really like how you planified how you’ll be finishing GoF in the beginning on 2018 and your next episode is the last chapter of Book 4! It’s always fun to hear about your childhood experiences and how it can’t always be as glamorous as Dudley’s.I was really proud of Harry to come up with a way to flip the Marge situation around. Too bad it didn’t pan out. I thought it was Dudley’s parents who gave him the money but after listening to the podcast I realized that the cash came from Marge. I think Petunia and Marge like each other but they both have qualities that irks the other. They’ll tolterate each other but they would never be friends outside of the Vernon connection.


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