3.22 Owl Post Again

Alice and Martha have reached the end of Book 3 and are here to discuss all your burning questions! Why weren’t Fudge and Snape aware of Hermione’s Time Turner? What’s with Dumbledore’s obsession with being cryptic? And how on earth could one swallow a whole bottle of hot butterbeer in one gulp? Plus, Alice and Martha give out the third Chosen Moment for Harry.​

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Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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As far as Snape and the Time Turner reference goes, I always thought Dumbledore did it on purpose. Snape is so upset about this (and he is being immature but I see it as a hatred for Sirius and the bullying and the attempted murder which we know Snape wasn’t an innocent victim all the time but I’m sure he remembers it differently and thinking he was right about Sirius being evil and Sirius got Lily killed) and he’s causing problems and so Dumbledore is outright telling him “I did this. Stop” and so Snape got it and reluctantly did let it go so he didn’t screw over Dumbledore when there’s already no chance of recovering Sirius but he couldn’t let it go completely so screwed over Remus the next day. Dumbledore didn’t seem to give any consequences for that because of the curse and because he gets it.


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