3.8 Flight of the Fat Lady

In this episode, Alice and Martha discuss forged signatures, mail-order dark creatures, and the ever more tragic tale of Harry’s lack of a Hogsmeade permission slip in their best would-be casual voices. They also analyze Harry’s fear of dementors and uncover an unplottable plothole.

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Poor Harry. I get the desire to get out of the Castle, but Diagon Alley sounds a lot better than Hogsmeade. Nothing at Hogsmeade is that exciting or unique.

As to the Unplottableness of Hogwarts, it does not stand up to scrutiny. Hogsmeade is right next to Hogwarts, within walking distance. The train goes there several times a year. Many visitors come and go.

With all the creatures Lupin introduces in Defense against the Dark Arts, he is doing a better job at Care of Magical Creatures than Hagrid.

I totally get Ron being upset at Hermione. She has no control over Crookshanks and has no apology for her cat trying to murder Scabbers.

And the whole Butter Beer being served to the kids is full of issues. Even if it has a minimal amount of alcohol it is setting up the kids for alcohol issues as adults.

Nancy Greenshields

In regards to Charlie and his friends coming to get Norbert, it occurs to me that there are also protections against people flying in, as we learn in book 6. So that’s an issue

Nancy Greenshields

When you were discussing Lupin’s assertion that Harry fear was fear and you disagreed saying (I think) that Harry was afraid of the feelings brought out by his parents murder. But at the beginning of the book Harry hadn’t pinpointed what he was hearing to his parents’ murder. That comes later in the book.


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