3.9 Grim Defeat

​Hogwarts is on lockdown! Alice and Martha analyze the emergency procedures at Hogwarts, rank detention assignments, and question Hogwarts’s lack of extracurricular activities.

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

1- I recall overhearing a couple of teachers in the hall discussing their weekend trip to Vegas and some things a 13-year-old should not hear.

2- I totally agree, Percy is loving the added responsibility.

3- I too never understood why Slytherin was allowed to bow out of the match. Either find a sub for Malfoy or forfeit. Also, WHY are they playing in a thunderstorm. Seriously, I get the commitment to playing the game, but come on.

4- Snape teaching is just another of his bitterness and just being an angry old man. Also another example of the complete randomness of the point system at Hogwarts.


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