Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Movie Review

The Real Weird Sisters review the movie of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with special guests Tim Ahlin (@shutuptim) and Daniel Erenberg (@LowStakesDaniel). Be aware that the show may contain spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Again, as someone who watched the movies before reading the books I did not have the “this is or is not from the book” thoughts to fall back on.

-As part of the series, it is an important book, but as seems to be the general conscious, it is the weakest of the series. Watching this time, I really got a Haunted House feeling.

-Perhaps the Twins put the Jumper on the Cat

-Something that I noticed when Ron and the Twins get back home. I noticed the clock hands on the clock rotate back to “Home.” But it only shows Ron and the Twins as home. It should show everyone else who is home. Molly, Ginny and Percy should also be shown as ‘Home.”

-I still have a problem with the Basilisk. Unless the Hogwarts pipes are huge, there is no way it could move around. And when Fawkes blinds the Basilisk, it uses sound to hunt Harry. In reality, snakes use their sense of smell the most. And snakes don’t growl.

-In this movie, I agree Ginny is played so poorly. I don’t mind her later in the series, but this movie she is so bad.

-I wish they had made Tom a bit hazy as is described in the book.

-As to the Harris/Gambon debate, I just can not see Harris in the later books. His whisper talk is even hard to understand in this movie. He simply does not have the gravitas needed.


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