Sorting Hat: A Series of Unfortunate Events

In this crossover episode, The Real Weird Sisters are joined by special guests Tyler (@FutureHorsePod) and B ( of Unfortunate Associates to sort the characters of A Series of Unfortunate Events into Hogwarts houses.

Be aware that the show contains spoilers from both A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Harry Potter series. Though we sort only the characters from the first season of the ASOUE Netflix show, we do discuss events that occur later in the book series.

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I have a (mostly) love- (slightly) hate relationship with crossovers because I love finding new podcasts, but then I hate trying to catch up with them for a certain period. I am very, very interested in this ASOUE podcast and now the challenge is to listen to it all before Season 2 comes out on March 30th!! Then I’ll start Book 3. But all in all it led me to find my favourite podcasts. Whatever It Takes (Degrassi podcast) led me to BSCC, which led me here to Real Weird Sisters and now RWS is leading me to Unfortunate Associates!

I wonder what Uncle Monty would think of the Basilisk..

The Beaudelaires being the children of the woman he loved is definitely new information for me. And just when I thought watching Season 1 would make this spoiler free! 😛

I like how all three siblings ended up in different houses. It really enforces the fact that they’re a well-rounded team. I loved how Olaf’s cohorts were all under Slytherin.

What an interesting, yet fitting, fate for Mr. Poe.


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