Sorting Hat: The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club Sorting HatIn this crossover episode, The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) are joined by special guests Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring of The Baby-Sitters Club Club (@BSCCpodcast) to sort the characters of The Baby-Sitters Club into Hogwarts houses.

Be aware that the show contains spoilers from both The Baby-Sitters Club and the Harry Potter series.

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I dig it. Being a Ravenslytherdor (but mainly Ravenclaw) freak for BSC, HP, and Pokémon, I appreciate dual-typing. ;p

Kristy: Gryffindor with Slytherin tendencies (Slytherdor)
Claudia: Hufflepuff, though the Slytherin arguments hold water. (Slytherpuff/Hufflin?)
Mary Anne: Hufflepuff, gotta be.
Stacey: Could’ve maaaybe gone Hufflepuff again, but yeah, Slytherin makes sense for her.
Dawn: Gryffindor. The whole California-girl type seems kinda chill and laid-back for that, but take everything into consideration and it most definitely suits.
Mallory (aka Best Sitter): Ravenclaw. Although, yes, a good case can be made for Gryffindor or even Slytherin as well.
Jessi: Tough because you can look at her traits in a Hufflepuffish, Gryffindorish, or Ravenclawish way. I tend to do the first, mainly, but then I’d thought that I would be leaning in that direction for most of them…I love Hufflepuff a ton, by the way. It’s awesome. I love all the houses. Slytherin=\=bad, even though a majority of villains/bad guys probably would be sorted there.

Agreed on the minor characters too, particularly Jackie and that oddly Huffly Gryffinclaw (verdict: Gryffindor) known as the Trip-man.


Hi there! I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but I thought I might introduce myself anyway. My penname is Amethyst Beloved and your podcast was recommended by an online friend who started listening to you after this BSCC crossover episode. I’ve listened to a handful of Special Topics episode and I’m going to start listening from the beginning once I’m finished with the crossovers that I’m familiar with.

This episode was a lot of fun to listen to. I’m a huge fan of the BSCC and congrats on being the first podcast to have them on your show! Even though they do invite guests to cover BCS Mysteries with them, I’m wondering if they’ll make an exception for Stacey and the Bad Girls. In general, I like the concept of sorting characters into houses, which is why I’m currently listening to more crossover episodes before going back to the start.


Hi there Amethyst Beloved! Thank you so much for listening to our show. It means so much and we love getting your feedback on the episodes as well! We are both just getting back from vacation so hadn’t seen your comments until today. We love the BSCC as well and it was such an honor to have them on our show! Glad you enjoyed the episode.


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