Sorting Hat: The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club Sorting HatIn this crossover episode, The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) are joined by special guests Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring of The Baby-Sitters Club Club (@BSCCpodcast) to sort the characters of The Baby-Sitters Club into Hogwarts houses.

Be aware that the show contains spoilers from both The Baby-Sitters Club and the Harry Potter series.

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I dig it. Being a Ravenslytherdor (but mainly Ravenclaw) freak for BSC, HP, and Pokémon, I appreciate dual-typing. ;p

Kristy: Gryffindor with Slytherin tendencies (Slytherdor)
Claudia: Hufflepuff, though the Slytherin arguments hold water. (Slytherpuff/Hufflin?)
Mary Anne: Hufflepuff, gotta be.
Stacey: Could’ve maaaybe gone Hufflepuff again, but yeah, Slytherin makes sense for her.
Dawn: Gryffindor. The whole California-girl type seems kinda chill and laid-back for that, but take everything into consideration and it most definitely suits.
Mallory (aka Best Sitter): Ravenclaw. Although, yes, a good case can be made for Gryffindor or even Slytherin as well.
Jessi: Tough because you can look at her traits in a Hufflepuffish, Gryffindorish, or Ravenclawish way. I tend to do the first, mainly, but then I’d thought that I would be leaning in that direction for most of them…I love Hufflepuff a ton, by the way. It’s awesome. I love all the houses. Slytherin=\=bad, even though a majority of villains/bad guys probably would be sorted there.

Agreed on the minor characters too, particularly Jackie and that oddly Huffly Gryffinclaw (verdict: Gryffindor) known as the Trip-man.


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