1.3 The Letters from No One

The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) recap chapter three of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Be aware that the show may contain spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Another fun chapter.

1- The Smelting stick. What a bad idea.

2- I love that despite the Dursley’s attempts to eliminate magic from their life, the lady who watches Harry is a Witch (even if we don’t know this yet in the book) 🙂

3- Vernon moves Harry to the bedroom when he realises that the Wizarding world, (probably Dumbledore) is aware of how they are treating Harry. They knew it was wrong.

4- I just love the way Vernon takes the family all over the countryside in an attempt to hide from the letters. The line, “Daddy’s gone mad, hasn’t he” shows that even Dudley knows things are bad.


I love how Ms. Figg becomes a more prominent character later on in the series.
I think the Dursleys were so surprised because they were living in denial for so long.
I loved the anticipation in this chapter. I’m listening to the audio version posted by The Reader and I was stunned for a second when the chapter ended abruptly at the cliffhanger.


The milkman was under a confundus charm?! That had never once occurred to me, but it makes wonderful sense. I’m still far in your past, but I just started book two with you. I’m so glad you are sticking with it, the new podcast alerts from your feed the last few weeks, have put a smile on my face every time. Looking forward to catching up with you!


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