1.8 The Potions Master

The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) recap chapter eight of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Be aware that the show may contain spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

I totally agree with your thoughts about Snape. No matter what redeeming values JK gave Snape in later books he is mean, cruel and nasty to Harry.


In Canada (high school) we had a block schedule that cycled through out seven days. For example, on Day 1, if Math is first period then on Day 2 it’s second period, ect. There are six periods in one day. The worst was when Phys Ed is first period. I loved how Martha had Professor Binns as a teacher IRL.

If I had to pick a favourite class, it would be Charms. About Warwick Davis, the Internet tells me that we was Flitwick, the Gringotts bank teller and only the voice of Griphook.

The House Points Inflation game was hilarious. And the squabbling sisters segment about the Hagrid Hut Lego set was pretty funny.

Sad news, ladies. Your Stop, Click, Listen interview is no longer up. At least the Bertie Botts video is still up. You should think about making more content!


Im sure someone’s told you or you went back to check, but Chamber of Secrets was the movie in which McGonnagal use Vera Verto, the spell which turns an animal into a water goblet. Rons wand was broken, and when we attempt the spell, scabbers was only half transformed. I think that’s what made the scene so funny too, because who doesn’t love a squealing goblet with a tail haha. Great work though ladies!


Hello Weird Sisters! I am new to this podcast, and am enjoying it immensely. I have already learned things I never thought about, and you both do a great job of diving into this brilliant material. I did want to address your comments on Professor Snape (forgive me if you’ve done this more in later shows). I agree that it seems strange that so many people view him as an outright hero – he is clearly a very conflicted anti-hero. You’re right that he’s petty, cruel, vindictive, and an outright bully. Remember though, that he was brought up in an abusive home, and was subjected to bullying at school as well. Lily was the one and only bright spot in his life – other than his great skill with the dark arts. He clung to both, because of the great sorrow and pain that abuse and bullying brings. To lose Lily to James Potter, one of his most hated bullies at Hogwarts was the ultimate sin, something he could never forgive, nor ever get over. Not that he ever “had” Lily – but the loss of her friendship was shattering to him – partly because he knew it was also his fault that she moved on. When sad, lonely, abused people lose the one good thing in their lives, they don’t get better – they get worse. He turned even more to the dark arts – and Lily ended up dying. Snape’s desire to avenge Lily didn’t make all that pain go away – he’s still the victim of abuse and bullying. He has nowhere to put all his bitterness and sorrow, so it festers. He is a cruel, sad man who works at a job he hates (though he is an effective teacher) all because he wants to try to make up for the shattering loss of the one person who truly told him he mattered. I think people love Snape because in spite of all the anger and bitterness and severe loneliness, he still managed to stand up to the most powerful dark wizard of all time, and avenge the one he loved. He loved one person truly and fully – and Harry, being very much like Lily, understood this in the end. Like Lily, he has the power to forgive Snape’s many bullying moments, and see the nobility deep inside this pained, tortured man. Harry saw that Snape was indeed the bravest man he ever knew – and he loved Harry’s mother purely. It takes a great deal of strength and love to be able to forgive so much – but Harry did so, because he’s very much like Lily, with a great capacity for love, and Harry knew that Snape gave up everything for Lily.


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