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The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) recap chapter one of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Be aware that the show may contain spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Few thoughts from the Chapter

1- Obscurus. I thought that they were taught to be afraid of magic and NEVER use it. The Dursley’s avoid the subject completely and Harry had no idea.

2- Harry being given homework. Since they have the same teachers every year it totally makes sense to be given Summer Holiday homework. Think of it more like a long winter break.

3- Ron’s phone call is quite entertaining. Did not Harry think giving Ron the phone # would be a bad idea.

4- Owl Post. My thought is that the Magical Owl’s are normal owls, but must have some sort of magical twist. They are often sent out for people they have never met and can have no idea where they are. They are able to communicate with Sirius several times sending out the owls with NO idea where he is.

5- The broom kit IS a great gift. It is actually giving Harry something he might use unlike the homework planner she gives the boys later. Seriously Hermione.

6- With Hargird’s horrible spelling/writing, how did he even get through all the classes at Hogwarts.

7- Scabbers is in the very first scene when Harry and Ron meet.

8- The conversion of 700 Galleons is currently $7049 US.

9- Muggle tie-ins. I too love the “Real World” history tie-ins. Love the idea of Wendelin running around messing with Muggles.

10- Leaving behind tech. Especially today, it would be a tough thing for young folks to lay aside their phones/tablets.

11- Love the idea of a Harry Potter/Poppins crossover. You are not the first to theorize this:


I spent the week finishing reading Chamber of Secrets and catching up on all the podcasts. Y’all do such a great job discussing each chapter! I’m loving my second read of the books with your podcast as the perfect companion. As a casual fan, I really appreciate hearing the perspective and learning so much from two experts!


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