3.14 Snape’s Grudge

It’s time for another sneaky Hogsmeade getaway! In this episode, Alice and Martha go all in on their annoyance with Ron, question the harshness of Neville’s punishments, and find themselves surprised by their reactions to Snape.

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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Dave Taylor

Happy Aniversary ladies

1- When Black has just tried to kill, (so they think at the time), your best friend would be a great time to pull out the Maurader’s Map and look for him.

2- And yes, Harry is way too careless with a person that he presumes is out to kill him.

3- I too feel for Neville. The ever changing passwords would be impossible for most people to remember. And as much as they give character to the school, the various dormitory entrances are just annoying. When the Fat Lady was attacked and went missing, no one can get in or out of the dormitory, that’s not good. I really dislike the Ravenclaw towers method of asking you a riddle ever time you want to go in. I love a good word game, but come on. I just want to go in and go to bed. Does it ask the same riddle for a day or so, or does it change with every student that approaches? I can only imagine the long line that would form just to get in. And what if you got stumped and could not answer it??

3- Don’t you ladies go changing the theme song. It is perfect.


I 100% agree that Harry should not be running all over the castle with no supervision. One of his biggest flaws is that he sometimes does not appreciate when other people are trying to look out for him, instead just interpreting it as others trying to ruin his fun or control him. But the bottom line is, Sirius Black, who at the moment everyone thinks is a psychopathic mass murderer has snuck into the castle and has been inside of the Gryffindor common room at least one time. That makes the situation even more dangerous. But Harry thinks that he should be going off to Hogsmeade to have a drink? It’s kind of the same with Snape. Even putting aside all of his biases and how unfair he is in the classroom, he is still looking out for Harry whether he knows it or not and Harry is just coming off as a rulebreaker who makes things more difficult for the people who are trying to protect him.


Ron’s exageration is petty hilarious. Sir Cudogan is definitely the one to blame, but it’s also a huge amount of responsibility in the first place. Hagrid was a real MVP. I thought that Ginny was Hermione’s only friend but it was Hagrid all along. Ron really sucks in this chapter. Harry definitely hero worships his parents, but they did give up their lives for him. The ‘Master of the school’ sounds too pretencious. I liked you conversation about how much Snape would know. It is a surprise that Snape didn’t take off points! And I’m also surprised that Lupin didn’t give Harry a detention even though his words were way worse.


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