3.15 The Quidditch Final

The gang is back! Alice and Martha couldn’t be happier to be back on Team Ron at long last. Listen to the Real Weird Sisters compare Divination to yoga, argue about the degree of Crookshanks’s intelligence, and, of course, talk about sports!

Spoiler warning! Please be aware that our show contains spoilers for events which take place later in the series.

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I believe what happens with time Turner’s is that it creates a stable time loop. Hermione never changed time and there is only one timeline. Everything that happened always happens and any attempt to change it just contributes to what happened. Hermione can’t make up her lesson once she learns she missed it because that’s changing things and bad things apparently happen there. It’s why you shouldn’t interact with your past self unless, as with Harry, you previously interacted with your future self.

Dave Taylor

Yes, she even mentions to Harry how important it is to not mess with the timeline when they go back.
Hermione is simply existing multiple times in the same timeline. How exhausting that would have been, how long were her days??

Dave Taylor

YES, it is good to have the Trio back. Ron finally forgives Hermione for letting her cat run wild and for supposedly killing Scabbers. 😉 Things are just not right when the Trio is having a tussle. Let’s hope that never happens again.

And Hermione decking Malfoy is just an awesome moment and fulfilling for both audience and the character.

The Time Turner is a clever plot device, but a messy one. Simply put, Hermione is simply existing in the same timeline, multiple times. She clearly tells Harry that the must not interfere with the timeline when they both go back. (A rule which is immediately forgotten in Cursed Child)

I wonder about Divination. It seems like there is a practical side that everyone can do, but it seems like there is a lot more to a true seer that simply can not be taught.


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