3.5 The Dementor

Alice and Martha analyze the ways that dementors affect different characters and different readers, empathize with Ginny’s plight of being a younger sibling, and delve into some theories about unfulfilled promises in the series. And no, Harry still doesn’t get to go to Hogsmeade.

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Dave Taylor

A few thoughts from this week’s episode.

1- Why is the train in such a hurry? It only runs twice a year. You have kids still getting on the bus and nope, it MUST leave on time.

2- I agree, the Sneak a Scope and Remembrall do seem more trouble than it’s worth. Sure they indicate trouble, but does not tell you what.

3- So, was Lupin actually asleep in the compartment or was he just pretending?

4- Potty and the Weasel, almost as good as Weasley is our king.

5- Seriously, shut up Neville.

6- And yes, Hagrid should not be a teacher. However, it seems teachers are hard to come by for Hogwarts in more than just the Defense Against the Dark Arts.


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