Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Real Weird Sisters React

The Real Weird Sisters (Alice and Martha) react to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Be aware that the show will contain spoilers from Part One and Part Two of the play.

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Dave Taylor

Wow, we have really different opinions of this book.

First what I liked:

1- The mixed up relationships. I loved that the children of our classic trio become friends. Albus being placed in Slytherin is quite a great twist.

2- I love the Delphi character. Thinking about a child of a notorious person is quite challenging. There is a documentary about children of high-level Nazi concentration camp operators and them dealing with what their parents had done.

3- The relationships with our legacy characters is great, I love seeing Ron and Hermione are going great.

4- I loved seeing Harry having a rough time relating with his son.

Now for the bad:

1- The Trolly Lady. What the heck was that??

2- Time Travel. Such a confusing mess here. It just does not work. I wish they had just let the new crew had new adventures of their own.


I bought the book in August but I didn’t get around to reading it a few months later. It was fun to revisit the characters but I don’t know how I feel about it being part of the canon. Fans were really repelled of the Harry who said he wished that Albus wasn’t his son, but people say stupid things in the heat of the moment so that didn’t bother me. I thought the Trolly Witch was kind of hilarious but I’ve seen enough musicals and plays to visualize it well. The importance of friendship between Scorpious and Albus was sweet and I wonder if it could have been done without queerbaiting the reader. Overall I thought it was an important way to show that Cedric’s death wasn’t in vain and that ultimately Ron and Hermione do belong together.


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